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What is mastering?

Even if you’ve heard the term before, beginner and intermediate engineers aren’t always clear on what mastering is in music production.
We’re here to break it down.
The purpose of mastering is to balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement.

Mastering is the final polish that turns a finished mix into a release that’s ready for listeners to experience on all devices—from tiny iPhone speakers to massive dance club sound systems.

Audio restoration

Stereo enhancement




Bit depth reduction & sample rate conversion

Sequencing & spacing

These days, most mastered releases are headed for streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.
If you’re planning to get digital distribution and publish your music this way, you may be wondering about mastering for streaming services.
It’s true that streaming takes a different approach to the overall loudness of the music you hear.

Our mastering plug ins and mastering process is ever update and suitable for digital streaming service

MarG Lotfabadi

MarG LotfabadiMastering Engineer - Marg Medya