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what is beat making?

You’ve probably heard terms like “songwriter”, “composer”, and “music producer” before, but what exactly is a “beat maker”? It can get a little confusing and overly complicated, so I’m going to try and break it down for you: a beat maker creates music, or “instrumentals” using concepts and skills from songwriting, audio engineering, and music production.

If you turn on the radio right now and listen to just about any station, you will hear songs that most likely have drums, bass, chords, and lots of melodic elements; plus a singer/rapper on top of all of that. The “beat” that a “beat maker” produces consists of all those musical elements that accompany the singer/rapper.

Define your vibe

Create a bass line

Add in the drums

Add melodic elements

Fill in the gaps

Expand the beat

Mix and master your beat

Music Producer vs. Beatmaker
What are the Differences?
In today's day and age, the question above tends to leave people curious and possibly shocked that there is a difference between the two roles in the first place.
The confusion is typically in the title of the two positions. In real-life situations, people may feel as though they can use "produce" and "make" interchangeably.

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